Accommodation Rules

Basic Information Property Name: APARTMENTS FLORIAN

Property Address: Kvilda 206

Operator: Apartments Florian s.r.o., U Trezorky 921/2, Jinonice, 158 00 Prague 5

Manager tel.: 606 022 000

Before Arrival • Prior to arrival, after completing the online registration (check-in), the Guest will receive via email instructions for the entry system - unlocking/locking with a smartphone or chip, and a code for the code box labeled with the apartment number, where the entry chip is stored. The Guest may use both systems for unlocking/locking, or just one of them. Code boxes are located at the entrance to building B on the wall at the entrance to the underground garages. Arrival

• The check-in time at Apartments Florian is from 3:00 PM on the day of arrival. Earlier arrival is possible only by agreement with Apartments Florian, at least 2 days in advance and may be subject to a fee. Chips/Mobile Applications

• In case of loss of a chip or smartphone, the Guest promptly informs the manager of Apartments Florian, so that the lost chip or smartphone application can be blocked, thus preventing access by unauthorized persons. If the Guest fails to do so, Apartments Florian shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the loss of the chip or smartphone. A fee of 1,000 CZK/chip is charged to the Guest for a lost chip. Parking

• One parking space is available for each apartment. Cars are parked according to the currently available space either in the underground garage (entrance height 210 cm !!!) or in the outdoor parking lot on the property of Apartments Florian.

• If parking was not claimed as part of the reservation or if Guests arrive with more than one car, it is necessary to park in one of the public parking lots. If there is available capacity in the parking spaces at Apartments Florian, it is possible to pay for parking with the manager. There is no legal entitlement to a parking space.

• Outdoor parking is designated for 14 spaces on a surface with grass pavers on both sides of the entrance to the garage, as well as 3 spaces adjacent to the public parking lot along building A (before fencing off the private property) and 1 perpendicular space on the public parking lot at the entrance to the area.

• On the right side of the entrance to the underground garages, there is a wall-mounted AirKey reader (see EVVA Access System Instructions). If there is no sign with reservation for a specific apartment at the parking space, it is possible to use the disabled parking space. Guests can access both building A and building B through the underground garages.

• A parking card is provided on the table in the apartment, which the Guest places behind the windshield and returns to the table after the stay. It is necessary to mark the vehicle with the card to distinguish between guests' vehicles and unauthorized parked vehicles.

• By parking the vehicle in the designated area, Apartments Florian does not assume custody of the vehicle. Apartments Florian do not operate a supervised parking lot, and any liability for damages incurred while parking the Guest's vehicle is excluded. Entry

• There are 3 entrances to the building – the main entrance of building A, the main entrance of building B, and the rear entrance to the connecting corridor between the buildings. All entrances are equipped with a wall-mounted AirKey reader (see EVVA Access System Instructions). Each entrance has doorbells marked with apartment numbers, connected to the home phone. • There is a cylindrical AirKey lock on the apartment door (see EVVA Access System Instructions).