Accommodation Regulations

Basic data

Name of establishment: FLORIAN APARTMENTS

Registered seat: Kvilda 206

Operator: Apartments Florian s.r.o., U Trezorky 921/2, Jinonice, 158 00 Prague 5

606 022 000

Before arrival

• Before arrival, after completing the on-line registration (check-in), the Guest will receive by e-mail instructions for the entry system - unlocking/locking by smartphone or chip, and the code to the code box marked with the apartment number where the entry chip is stored. The guest can use both systems for unlocking/locking or only one of them. Code boxes are located at the entrance to Building B on the wall of the entrance to the underground garage.


• Arrival time to Apartments Florián is from 15:00h on the day of arrival. Earlier arrival is only possible by prior arrangement with Apartments Florián, at least 2 days in advance and may incur a charge.

Chips/mobile apps

• In the event of loss of a chip or smartphone, the Guest will immediately inform the Florián Apartments manager so that the lost chip or smartphone app can be blocked to prevent access by unauthorized persons. In the event of failure to do so, Apartments Florián shall not be liable for any damages related to the loss of the chip or smartphone. The Guest will be charged a fee of CZK 1,000/chip for a lost chip.


• A maximum of one parking space is available for each apartment. The car is parked according to the currently available space either in the underground garage (entrance height 210 cm !!!) or in the outdoor parking lot on the property of Apartments Florián.

• If parking was not requested as part of the reservation or if guests arrive in multiple cars, they must park in one of the municipal car parks. If there is free parking capacity within the Florian Apartments, it is possible to pay the parking fee at the manager. There is no legal entitlement to a parking space.

• For outdoor parking, there are 14 spaces on the area with grassed blocks on both sides of the garage entrance, 3 spaces adjacent to the municipal parking lot along Building A (in front of the fence of the property) and 1 space perpendicular to the municipal parking lot at the entrance to the premises.

• An AirKey wall reader is located on the right side of the entrance to the underground garage (see EVVA Access System Instructions). If there is not a sign on the parking space with a reservation for a specific apartment, then a handicapped parking space may be used. From the parking garage, the Guest can walk underground to both Building A and Building B.

• There is a parking card on the table in the apartment, which the Guest places behind the windscreen and returns to the table at the end of the stay. Marking the vehicle with the card is necessary to distinguish between guests' vehicles and unauthorized vehicles.

• By stopping or parking the vehicle in a designated place, Apartments Florián does not take custody of the vehicle. Apartments Florián do not operate a guarded parking lot, liability for any damage caused by parking the Guest's car is excluded.


• There are 3 entrances to the building - the main entrance of Building A, the main entrance of Building B and the rear entrance to the connecting neck between the buildings. All entrances are equipped with an AirKey wall reader (see EVVA Access System Manual). There are bells at each entrance, labeled with apartment numbers, connected to the house phone.

• There is an AirKey cylinder on the apartment door (see EVVA Access System Manual).


• Individual apartments are located in buildings A and B on the 1st-3rd floors and are marked accordingly (e.g. A 2.4 is an apartment in building A on the 2nd floor, apartment number 4).

• The guest is entitled to use the apartment and the common areas from the moment of proper arrival until the moment when he/she is obliged to vacate the apartment according to the agreed reservation.

• The number of persons accommodated in the apartment is according to the reservation.

• Guests are not allowed to move any furniture and equipment or to make any interference with the electrical network and installations located in the room or in the garden. For safety reasons, guests are only allowed to use certified electrical appliances for their personal hygiene (especially hair dryers, shavers) and laptops, tablets or similar small electrical appliances.

• Guests must secure the apartment when they leave, in particular turn off the taps, ensure that appliances are switched off, close the windows and close and lock the doors.

• Guests must use kitchen appliances in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. These are stored in the folders on the table under the TV. They must always be returned there.


• Guests are entitled to free wireless internet access via Wi-Fi. Florián is not responsible for the security of the connection or its quality, especially in bad weather (rain/snow/fog).

• The network name and password is stuck on the router, which is located in each apartment on the cabinet under the TV.

• In the common room and in all common areas the connection to Florian - Public works with the password Kvilda206Florian

Common areas

• Each Guest is obliged to behave in such a way as not to unduly disturb others at any time of the day. He/she is also obliged to observe the hours of silence from 22:00h to 6:00h. Behaviour that leads to disturbance of other guests during the night time is strictly prohibited (this includes loud music, television, shouting in rooms, corridors and other disturbing behaviour). In case of serious violation of this rule, Apartments Florian may, in justified cases, call the police.

• Guests are not allowed to bring or allow pets into the Florián Apartments, except for dogs for which the accommodation fee has been paid. Guests with dogs are obliged to keep them on a leash at all times within the Florián Apartments property, including the outdoor areas, and to clean up any excrement.

• Smoking is strictly forbidden in all indoor areas, including terraces, balconies and loggias, as well as in the immediate vicinity of the buildings, including electronic or similar cigarettes. Violation of this regulation and smoking entitles Apartments Florián to charge the Guest a penalty of CZK 5,000 for cleaning the apartment or premises of Apartments Florián.

• Only duly registered guests and the staff of the Florián Apartments are allowed in the Florián Apartments without further admission.Guests may only visit the Florián Apartments between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Visitors are not permitted to use the accommodation facilities or amenities. Guests are responsible for the actions of their visitors and must ensure that they are made aware of the accommodation conditions.

• It is forbidden to walk around the property, except in the basement, in downhill ski boots or other skeleton footwear.

• The washing machine and dryer, located in the basement of Building A, are for washing only necessary clothes. Drying or drying of washed clothes is only possible in the apartments.

• The vending machine in the basement corner between Buildings A and B is used for the sale of small items such as capsules for the coffee machine (located in each apartment), drinks, sweets, dry goods and other small items to Guests. Apartments Florián are not obliged to keep it 100% full of goods.

Playroom and playground

• The games room and playground are exclusively for the use of the guests of the Florián Apartments. Children up to 12 years of age and their parents, or legal guardians or persons responsible for the child (persons over 18 years of age) are allowed to enter the playroom and playground and use the playroom and playground at their own risk.

• The Florián Apartments are not responsible for activities taking place in the playroom and playground. Stay in the games room and playground is governed by separate Operating and Visiting Rules. These are kept in folders on the table under the television in each apartment and posted on the entrance door of the playroom and playground wall.


• Wellness is exclusively for the guests of the Florián Apartments. Access is granted to visitors over 12 years of age on the basis of a paid reservation, a stay package or as part of another event including a visit to the wellness.

• The wellness is not allowed to be used by guests of the Florián Apartments or other members of the public - a regulation of the regional sanitary station. Violation of this regulation is subject to a fine by the KHS.

• The stay in the wellness is governed by a separate Operating and Visiting Rules of the wellness. It is stored in folders on the table under the TV in each apartment and posted on the entrance door to the wellness.

Breakfast and lounge

• Breakfast is served in the common room in Building A, 1NP (2nd door on the left of the entrance) from 8.00am to 10.00am, based on a paid reservation, package or other breakfast event, with buffet refills ending at 9.30am and Guests are required to leave the common room by 10.00am.

• If breakfast is available, Guests may order and pay for it from the Manager. Orders must be placed no later than 10.00 a.m. on the previous day.

• The size of the common room is limited, please be considerate and leave the room immediately after finishing breakfast to make room for other guests.

• It is strictly forbidden to bring resident dogs into the common room.

Bike room/ski room

• Access to the bike room/ski room is available either through the underground garage, for parked guests, or through the gate and rear entrance on the south wall of the complex (around Building A).

• It is forbidden to enter the facility with skis or bikes through the main entrances to Building A and B.

• Bikes/skis are to be placed in the bike/ski room in the basement of Building A in designated areas, i.e. bike racks, ski racks. The bike room/ski room is only used for storage of bikes or skis or other items for the duration of the stay, at your own risk.

• In the bike/ski room guests have at their disposal common tools for repairing bikes/skis, a pump, a lubrication table for cross-country skis. Everything must be left in its original condition after use.

• It is advisable to lock the bikes to the racks with their own bike lock for added security.

• For ski (downhill and cross-country) drying, there are 2 large capacity drying racks in the bike/ski room.


• The departure time is set no later than 10:00 a.m. on the last day of the arranged stay. Late departure is possible only after agreement with Apartments Florián, at least 2 days in advance and may be charged. If the Guest's stay is followed by another stay, the extension of the departure time is not possible due to cleaning.

• Upon departure, the Guest is obliged to leave the apartment in the same condition in which he/she took it, including all equipment and furnishings, taking into account normal wear and tear. The guest must secure the apartment as when leaving it, i.e. turn off the taps, ensure that appliances are switched off, close the windows, close and lock the doors.

• If the Guest used a chip to unlock/lock the door, the Guest will leave it on the desk in the apartment at the end of the stay.

Rights and Obligations of the Guest

• The guest has the right to use the reserved areas and their facilities, as well as the facilities of the common areas.

• The guest is obliged to acquaint himself with the safety instructions, operating instructions, rules for the use of the wellness, games room, common room, etc., at the latest upon taking over the apartment.

• The Guest is responsible for all damages caused to the apartment, the reserved or common areas during his/her stay by him/her or by third parties whose access to the Florian Apartments is granted by the Guest and agrees to pay the costs of repairs, replacements or special cleaning. The amount of reimbursement will be determined by Florian Apartments. This claim by Florian Apartments also applies to damage that is discovered after the Guest's departure.

• Any damage caused by children is the full responsibility of their parents, or legal guardian or person responsible for the child (persons over 18 years of age), or a person who has temporarily undertaken supervision.

• The guest is obliged to report any defects or deficiencies upon check-in, otherwise the last guest to check in will be liable for the damages. Similarly, the guest is obliged to report any faults or shortcomings that arise during their stay so that repairs can be arranged (reasonable minor and unintentional damage to crockery e.g. broken glass, plate etc. is considered "normal wear and tear" and no compensation is charged).

• Guests are asked to conserve water and energy as part of an environmentally friendly approach.

• Guests may cancel the contract based on the cancellation policy.

Rights and obligations of Florian Apartments

• Florián Apartments are obliged to provide accommodation and services for the Guest on the basis of a reservation made, confirmed and paid in advance.

• Florián Apartments shall not be liable for any damage to the Guest's property, including the car, or any theft of items left in the freely accessible areas of Florián Apartments. Guest's property is not insured.

• Florián Apartments are not responsible for any damage to health caused by the Guest to himself or another person. The health or life of Guests is not insured.

• The liability of Florián Apartments as the accommodation provider for damage to stored items is governed by the provisions of § 2945 et seq. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code. The liability of Florián Apartments as the accommodation provider for damage to deposited items is governed by § 2946 et seq. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code.

• In the event that the guest violates the accommodation conditions, the accommodation provider has he right to terminate the guest's stay before the originally agreed departure date.

Important telephone numbers

150 Fire Department

155 Ambulance Service

158 Czech Police

112 Single European emergency number

388 428 193 Mountain Service Kvilda

The first aid kit is located in the 1st floor, in the corner between buildings A and B

These rules are valid from 20.10.2023 and Apartments Florián reserve the right to change them. Guests are obliged to follow the current regulations at all times.